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Hooters is the registered trademark used by two American restaurant chains: Hooters, Inc., based in Clearwater, Florida, and Hooters of America, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia and owned by two private investment firms, TriArtisan Capital Advisors and Nord Bay Capital. The Hooters name is a double entendre referring to both an American slang term for women's breasts popularized by comedian Steve M


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Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Long work hours, constant conflict management, and unable to understand not every market is the same. Lack of professional development, and career opportunities are very limited. I would not recommend this to any seasoned manager"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Management was lacking and the employees suffered due to poor leadership. Girls were hired that did not meet company standards and service was lacking. It was difficult to make any money when the kitchen was consistently backed up and the managers all had different opinions on the Covid-19 protocols. The GM had no respect for the Covid-19 protocols and frequently broke county legislature and company policy. Cons: No breaks, incompetent boss, horrible staff"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"This was not a good job for me. The girls here are really snobby and rude to one another. They talk about each other and customers behind their backs. The management team is no better as they allow this and also do the same."

Host (Former Employee) says

"The girls are mean, competitive and outright bully other girls. Management is run by men that have no idea what we deal with and belittle the girls foe doing their jobs. Horrible experience."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Awful awful awful place. I would not recommend to anyone. Toxic work environment, I would not recommend. Rude customers and management doesn't take harassment seriously."

Kitchen Captain (Former Employee) says

"Childish work place too much politics and drama its honestly alot to deal with if the servers aren't having high-school like drama the management is"

Kitchen Manager (Current Employee) says

"Upper management doesn’t care about anything but numbers. It was like pulling teeth to get any repairs done to aging building and equipment. Will not pay hourly employees a fair wage that is comparable in the area. Cons: Under staffed poor upper management no communication"

Line Cook (Former Employee) says

"do not work here unless you want to be over worked. and be stressed out all the you working. there is little to no support of growth in the place. unless you are a female."

Restaurant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company is all about “setting up for success” but that never happens. The GM is awful and has no sense or logic. Can’t keep a kitchen staff they quit after a week or so because they see what really goes on here. Absolutely no work/life balance what so ever. Be prepared to only work nights unless the GM likes you. And don’t bother applying if you have kids you won’t get to spent the time you want with them. Overall horrible place to work."

Line Cook (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work. Everyone hates their job. Stressful and overrated. Extremely understaffed and nothing is being done about it. I wish things would have been better. Cons: Too much anger and stress."

Bartender/Server (Former Employee) says

"busy making drinks making sure the food it was on time for the customer alot of movement managemnt was so poor no helping at all some girls i did get a lot i was just there at work doinbg my job but there were also drama for everything the hardest part is that dealing with drunk customers the tips that i get"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Spent a total of 5 years with the company. It's a joke. Low pay, unfair treatment and harassment run rampant while the owners turn a blind eye. As an Assistant Manager I worked at 3 different locations, only had one raise for any of the hard work I did. And it amounted to an extra 3 dollars a day on my yearly salary. The owners will neglect their stores in all aspects, and pretty much let you fend for yourself when it came to store maintenance."

AGM (Former Employee) says

"They laid off most of their managers and employees with NO NOTICE!!! Most of us traveled to work before being told on a conference call that we were all laid off immediately!!! Federal law requires 90 day notice of lay-off for companies that have more than 100 employees so now we go to court!!!!"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Terrible location, terrible clientele, terrible management. You won’t make any money because the Orange Park location is never . Working there is so boring unless it’s a football game. We’re always getting new employees or managers so things are always changing. They have unrealistic expectations for such little money you will make when no one comes to our location"

Server/Bartender (Former Employee) says

"The management are really poor. And general managers is very bad at communicating and always making me over overtime and stole my check. I barely get my pay checks. And barely make money. Cons: N\a"

Line Cook (Former Employee) says

"Lost money working here. Would not recommend it to anyone. One of the worst places I’ve ever had the misfortune of working. Rude waitresses. Poorly trained and inexperienced management and staff."

Cook (Former Employee) says

"Pay was bad no people skills no work plan no mangers help they talk bout u to other workers they show fav to diff people really didn't like the pay at all Cons: Everthing"

Cook/Prep (Former Employee) says

"The place used to be okay. But then the New manager took over and, well... Yeah."

Gerente Hooters (Current Employee) says

"Muy poco profecional, no toman enserio los puestos, ademas no cumplen lo q se conversa"

Trainer (Current Employee) says

"The managers are racist. The food is horrible. The try to have an all white staff. There is no chance for advancement. They lie if they don’t like you. Cons: Everything"

Server (Former Employee) says

"What stands out to me about this company is the poor management staff. They did not care about the wellbeing of their staff, from the hostess to the dishwasher."

Daily Review says

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Amber Heard Fan Club says

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